BARE FOOT-N-WILD, a Happy Families Card Game




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a Happy Families Card Game

Enjoy a card game that that will be both familiar and completely new to you. With some elements similar to Canasta, you will find that the game is easy to play and yet catches and keeps your interest with new and exciting features. Try it today and see for yourself. Warning - contents can be addictive!

BARE FOOT-N-WILD Specially Designed CardsFEATURES:

  • For 2 to 6 players
  • For ages 12 to 112
  • Specially designed cards
  • Color illustrated, easy to follow instructions
  • Custom score pad
  • Compact size for storage and travel
  • Unique "BARE FOOT Shuffle" means no one has to deal
  • Similar to Canasta


BARE FOOT-N-WILD Game Contents


  • 6 Decks of 336 BARE FOOT-N-WILD cards
  • 3 Resueable card packs (each card pack holds 2 decks or 112 cards)
  • 1 Score pad (100 Score Sheets)
  • Color illustrated instructions


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